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Past Testimonials

It has been my pleasure and good fortune to work with Voris Mechanical on multiple projects since 1995. These projects ranged from the complex central air system replacements to large chiller and boiler work. Voris Mechanical has always worked well with Grumman/Butkus Associates on all projects. I have worked with Gerry Voris, Rick Ceh and the entire Voris team for many years and have always found them to be topnotch professionals. They are true team players. They have always provided input on ways to make the job at hand better and at the most reasonable cost.

I have found over the years that Voris Mechanical works well with the design team and the owner, as well as coordinating with other trades on projects so that everyone is on the same page to insure things are done right the first time.

Gerry Noorts, Grumman/Butkus Associates

August 10, 2011

Good Morning,

I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to work for VMI this summer. It was great to work for a company that has people with knowledge, good ethics, encouraging, and enjoy their jobs! It was an excellent experience for me and the knowledge I gained will be very important for my future in the construction industry.

Thanks again,

January 2012


O'Malley Bros., Inc. & Voris Mechanical, Inc. have had a good working relationship for over 70 years. During that time O'Malley and Voris have successfully completed hundreds of projects together. We have never had anything but a good relationship and remain impressed with their efforts to work fairly and provide timely payment for their subcontractors.

During the long history as a union mechanical insulation contractor we have worked with many mechanical contractors but none have done a better job at being professional, fair and safe with their projects.

Because of our long relationship with Voris we have seen several leadership transitions and have been impressed at the way they have kept their high standards, professionalism, quality workmanship and sense of company history.

We look forward to working with Voris Mechanical, Inc. for another 70 plus years.

Respectfully Submitted,
O'Malley Bros, Inc.
Jack Reddington

Dear Gerald,

When I received your call requesting a testimonial from me about Voris Mechanical Inc. it brought back many memories of your dad and mine. Those two men knew how to get projects completed on time, in budget and most importantly to the owner’s highest satisfaction. They would talk about no matter how many perfect projects that you completed the next project is the most important one. If the phone did not ring ( we didn’t have e-mail, cell phones or Blackberries back then) after a project was completed that meant that everything was working and the owner was happy. I do not remember many phone calls after Voris Mechanical jobs were completed. And if there were any problems or issues Voris Mechanical never avoided the situation and stood behind the work and made things right. I can not say that about many companies that we work with nowadays.

You and your staff have always performed to the highest level on the projects that we have completed together. You happen to have a work ethic that is missing from others in the construction industry today; thought process and vision in making sure projects are constructed and managed from the release of contact to close out documents no matter if it is a one room renovation or a multimillion dollar mechanical modernization.

I look forward to working with you and Voris Mechanical Inc. on any of my future projects.

Emil Mastandrea Jr, AIA
Emil Mastandrea Architect Inc.

Dear Kim,

It has been an amazing string of projects over the years, and always a pleasure when our visions and designs as engineers can be brought to fruition under the guide of your company. I especially appreciate the personal effort which Jerry brings to every project from the very preliminary stages, right through to the end.


During the bid phase of a recently completed project, we intervened a total of three very capable Prime Mechanical Contractors. Of the three companies, Jerry was the only Owner to attend and personally represent his interest. Only Jerry had all of the answers to questions referring to all aspects of the project including all trades that were to be involved and ultimately under the Prime's responsibility. It was this prepared manner in which Jerry came to the interview that won him the bid on the project.

The best part of all is that the project came in on budget, on time, with no accidents, no delays, and no extras. And this is no small feat having been associated with a luxury co-op building, and a complete new boiler system, installed on the 17th floor. The conditions could not have been more demanding. this is a truly earned testimonial.

I look forward to a continued working relationship for many years to come.


Edward Chrzastowski, P.E.
Consolidated Consulting Engineers